What is a Secondary Market Annuity?

A Secondary Market Annuity (or SMA) is a discounted cash flow.  Secondary Market Annuities originate with the resale of an existing annuity income stream.  These income streams originate from factored structured settlements, in-force period certain annuities, or a lottery prize payout.

These pre-defined, fixed term income streams offer a higher yield because of their discount rate.  Through a process involving a court and assignment contracts, a buyer receives the right to receive the existing payment stream from the current recipient of the income.

The vast majority of Secondary Market Annuities we sell, and which we focus in this website, come from structured settlements, whereby the original payee/ recipient decides to sell their future payments for cash today.  This discounted sale transaction creates an opportunity for a profitable, safe investment in an in-force payment stream.

About SMA’s

Secondary Market Annuities are guaranteed payment streams over a specific period of time, at a fixed rate of return.

This investment is generally considered to be a good vehicle for “safe money” savings.

We only offer SMAs from those insurance companies that are highly rated by Standard & Poor’s and other agencies for claims paying ability, making the Secondary Market Income Annuities we offer one of the safest forms of fixed term purchases available today.

Yields on Secondary Market Annuities are higher simply because the seller of the payment stream is willing to sell at a discount for cash today.

Clients benefit from that discount and receive a higher yield on the cash flow compared to comparable annuity products available in the open markets.

Compare The Benefits Of Secondary Market Annuities

Low Fees

 Why Work With Us:

The term ‘Secondary Market Annuity’ refers to structured settlements, immediate annuities, and lottery payments that are sold by individuals through diverse sources of origination, such as factoring companies, attorneys, financial advisors, and structured settlement consultants.

We are wholesale advisors and principals in DCF Exchange, a firm with deep relationships in this vast array of origination sources.  The firm buys these payment streams for resale purposes and turns over millions of dollars of capital to bring order and certainty of execution to our clients, advisors and trading partners alike.

As a wholesale advisor for financial professionals, we make special selling tools, training, webinars, client phone calls, and advertising copy available to the advisors on our team thorough this website. We’re here to help you succeed, from discovering the market, to understanding it, to representing it with confidence with your clients, to closing and beyond.

For our individual investors, you can expect superior service, exclusive inventory, and best in class transaction management for your Secondary Market Annuities.

Better Process:

Access to Secondary Market Annuities in times past relied on middleman brokerages and simultaneous transactions that were fraught with issues, delays and uncertainty for both investors and advisors.

The new procedures we offer thru DCF Exchange eliminates the fallout rate, unknowns, and risks of trying to arrange Structured Settlement Annuity transactions between one private party and another, and instead utilizes capital to supply uniform processes and professional service for advisors and their clients

For advisors who have experience with Secondary Market Annuities already, you will appreciate the smooth, secure, and orderly process, the timely execution, and the speed we offer.  Buying an SMA through us is unlike any process you’ve seen before.

For investors and new advisors just learning about Secondary Market Annuities, it’s an honor and privilege to bring you a better way of doing business.