is a website owned by Annuity Straight Talk LLC.  Annuity Straight Talk LLC is Bryan Anderson and Nathaniel M. Pulsifer, who have been intimately involved in bringing secondary market annuities to investors and agents for many years.

Through a series of websites, they market annuities nationwide to retail investors and hold insurance licenses in nearly all states.

This website is a resource for the advisor working with us, to bring a high level of understanding of the asset class, and give advisors the tools and information they need to offer SMA’s to their clients with confidence.

Although it is a small market in the larger financial landscape, SMA’s deserve a place in more main stream planning scenarios as they offer significant benefits to advisors and their clients.  Savvy advisors are picking SMA’s in lieu of other period certain assets as the yield, credit quality, and total return all make for a superior offering for their clients.

We’re here to help you get on board too.

 Bryan Anderson

Bryan Anderson

Principal, Annuity Straight Talk LLC

Bryan is a career finance professional with 10 years experience in fixed income and guaranteed outcome planning. His quick mind and sharp wit helps clients and advisors grasp complex topics easily, and he enjoys devising optimal retirement income strategies.

Bryan built Annuity Straight Talk (AST) with Nathaniel Pulsifer. As an early participant in the SMA industry, Anderson has arranged countless portfolios totaling millions of dollars or annual income, using these innovative products.

Previosuly, Bryan worked with Park Avenue Securities and Northern Rockies Financial Group in Missoula, where he specialized in annuities and retirement planning.

An avid hunter, Bryan is a native of Montana and gets into the mountains as often as possible on his mules, Dixie and Jitterbug.

Nathaniel M. Pulsifer

Nathaniel M. Pulsifer

Principal, Annuity Straight Talk LLC

Nathaniel and Bryan Anderson built Annuity Straight Talk (AST) as a resource for retail investors to learn about annuities. They market many types of annuities nationwide, but over the years in the SMA industry, they have found that Secondary Market Annuities offer the highest combination of safety profitability and have applied SMAs in most of their client portfolios

By bringing SMA’s to a wider range of advisors, they continue to bring awareness and best practices to the industry.

Nathaniel’s career in finance started in real estate development, where he conceived, capitalized, and executed land development, condo conversion, and apartment projects around the US. He lives in Whitefish, Montana with his wife and two daughters and when not working, is actively hunting, fishing and enjoying Montana.

About Annuity Straight Talk:

At Annuity Straight Talk, our practice focuses on Guaranteed, Safe Retirement Income.  We build financial plans that work even when the markets fail, from sources that offer the optimal combination of safety, flexibility, and profitability that are appropriate to each client.

We have found Secondary Market Annuities to be a competitive marketplace that offers an above-market yield, yet still retains the excellent safety and high credit quality typical of other annuity investments.

Secondary Market Annuities are not for everyone, however as we work with clients nationwide looking for guaranteed income, stable income, safe appreciation, and high quality credit, Secondary Annuities often produce the highest combination of benefits.

For many considering Fixed Annuities and Fixed Index or ‘Hybrid  Annuities’, take a moment to explore Secondary Market Annuities.  You may find that the yield, credit quality, and income is stronger than all other comparable alternatives.

Carlos Mirabal-Pargas

Carlos Mirabal-Pargas

Our Exclusive Partner in Puerto Rico, Latin America and the Carribean

Mr. Carlos Mirabal Pargas, CLU, ChFC has over 35 years of experience in the financial services and insurance industry. He is a a Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant from American College, Pa and enjoys working in collaboration with other financial services professionals as well as attorneys and CPAs, particularly those of the client’s.

Sucession, Retirement Income and Distribution Planning is the area of most interest. During his professional career he has been instrumental in the conceptualization of products and marketing ideas for life insurance companies and securities broker dealers. He is a Series 7 FINRA registered securities representative with Pariter Securities, LLC.

Carlos is active with Secondary Market Annuities in Puerto Rico bringing the asset to a wider range of institutional clients. He is our exclusive partner for the asset class in the region.

 About SMA Hub:

In 2013, Bryan and Nathaniel joined forces with several of their suppliers, legal advisors, and vendors to form SMA Hub, Inc. All the participants in the venture are industry veterans and they formed SMA Hub Inc with a significant capital partner with the express goal of expanding the availability of SMA’s to a wider audience of advisors and institutions by bringing order and certainty to the industry.

SMA Hub, Inc

Nathaniel is the VP of Marketing and Chief Information Officer, Bryan is Director of Sales, and our partners Jonathan, Ted, Tyson, Ross, Debbie, and Jannae bring complementary skills in operations, sales, legal, accounting, administration, and finance. We’ve worked together for years and we have all worked in this industry since its early days. Together, quite honestly, we are an incredible team with deep experience, industry knowledge, connections, and years of experience doing the right thing for our clients and advisors.

This website is a resource for the advisors working with Bryan and Nathaniel to give them an extra lift integrating SMAs into their practice.